Recent and current graduate courses

Ballets Russes
Community-Engaged Music Archiving
Constructions of Nationalism in Music and Dance
Critical Approaches to Popular Music
Early Music of Canada
Geographies of Opera
Health, Aging and Popular Music
Introduction to Music Research
Issues in Music and Philosophy
Music and Land: Sounds of Belonging and Exclusion
Music after the DJ, from Soundsystems to Serato
Music History Pedagogy
Music and Cultures of Listening in Late Modernity
Music and the Enlightenment
Music, Genre, and Variation
Music in Paris: 1871–1914
Music and Politics
Music in the Films of Sir Alfred Hitchcock
Music in the Western: From Singing Cowboys to Django Unchained
Nineteenth-Century Music and Discourses of Nature
Popular Music and Identity
Performance Space in Seventeenth-Century Music
Remix Music, from Analogue to Digital
Romantic Musings on the Middle Ages
Topics in Music and the History of Medicine

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