Recent Doctoral Dissertations

Hilary Donaldson2021Modernism and the Sacred in the Music of Benjamin Britten
Amanda Hsieh2020Male Hysteria, Degenerate Opera: Post-Wagnerian Music Drama in the Era of World War I
Lindsay Jones   2020Music by the Ducat: Giuliani’s Guitar and Vienna’s Musical Markets, 1806–1819
Jessica Lovett   2020The Sound Culture of Space Science
Stefan Udell2019Hearing with the Ears of the Heart: Reading Musica in 13th and 14th cent. Manuscripts Containing Poetry, Music and Art
Katelyn Clark2019The Early Pianoforte School in London’s Musical World, 1785–1800: Technology, Market, Gender, and Style
Erin Scheffer2019John Weinzweig and the Canadian Mediascape, 1941–1948
Patrick Nickleson2017The Names of Minimalism: Authorship and the Historiography of Dispute in New York Minimalism, 1960–1982
Ed Wright2017Making Hammers with Art: The Producer of House and Techno
Virginia Acuña2016The Spanish lamento: discourses of love, power and gender in the musical theatre (1696–1718)
Roseen Giles2016The (un)Natural Baroque: Giambattista Marino and Monteverdi’s Late Madrigals
Jeremy Strachan2015Music, Communications, Place: Udo Kasemets and Experimentalism in 1960s Toronto
Eva Branda2013Representations of Antonín Dvořák: A Study of his Music through the Lens of Late-Nineteenth-Century Czech Criticism
Helen Patterson2013The Antiphonary of Bangor and its Musical Implications
Alexa Woloshyn2012“The Recorded Voice and the Mediated Body in Contemporary Canadian Electroacoustic Music”
Michelle Boyd2011“Music and the Making of a Civilized Society: Musical Life in Pre-Confederation Nova Scotia, 1815–1867”
Colleen Renihan2011“Sounding the Past: Canadian Opera as Historical Narrative”
Anna Rutledge2011“Zelter, Goethe and the Emergence of a German Choral Canon”